5 Day Thyroid Sugar Detox
Who is done with relying On
To Avoid Sugar?
You know your sugar habit is adding to your waistline! But I know from experience: it's a hard habit to break!

Watch Your Cravings Almost Disappear In Just 5 Days 
Without Feeling DEPRIVED and discovering healthy options to BOOST your ENERGY!

Join my FREE 5 Day Thyroid  Sugar Detox!
5 Days – in it TOGETHER

Tina Joseph, R.H.N

Hi!  I am a nutritionist who also lives with Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism. Learn more about me here!
What's Included!
  •  Private Facebook Group: Meet up with your fellow sugar detox'ers and have me as your personal health coach!
  • Meal Plans: Quick and Easy 5 Day Meal Plan and Recipes targeted to eliminate those sugar cravings!  And bonus: they are great for your thyroid too!
  • Energy: Tired of being Tired??? Tips on how to manage your energy all day!
  • Sugar Substitutes: Free list of sugar substitutes that won't mess with your hormones!
  •  Thyroid Foods: List of foods that are making your thyroid sicker!
  •  Daily Emails: Chock full of tips and free downloadable guides!
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